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Product Code : RawHoney
Brand Name : Royal Honey
Product Description

Five years diligent work, we have created 600 bee hives with Apis millifera and we are delivering 10 ton of various flower honey per annum. When we began the honey deal, chosen to offer the raw honey as the raw honey has more medicinal advantages than processed/handled. Raw honey is not usually accessible in the shops. In this way, many individuals are missing a chance to taste raw honey and to have more benefits. Thus we preferred to supply complete goodness of our honey as in raw.

The crudeness of honey is controlled by two factors that are temperature and texture. We are offering the honey directly from our hives with cheese cloth filtration. We are not heating the honey and ultra-filtering, so our honey has little pollen, propolis and bee wax that give you extraordinary wellbeing esteem. We are maintaining the moisture content of our honey between 18-22% by extracting the honey from totally shut brood cells. On the other hand, the processed honey is heated at high temperature to expel the moisture, keep away from crystallization and loose the texture, by that honey losing all beneficial elements.